1.       BYOD P.4-6

2.       School-based Phonics Programme (P.1-P.3)

3.       Primary Literacy Programme- Reading (PLP-R) for Key Stage One (P.1- P.3)

4.       Integration Programme (KIP) for Key Stage Two (P.4-P.6)

5.       Reading Zone

6.       Home Reading Programme (P.1-P.6)

7.       School Reporters and English Ambassadors

8.       English Monday: English Wake-up Dance, Book Sharing, English Snack Shop and English Newspaper and Silent Reading

9.       Professor Paws Pet Cadet Programme (P.4)

10.     Whole School English Reading Project (P.1-P.6)

11.     Persuasive Writing and Mini-debate (P.5 & 6)

12.     PEEGS Grant Scheme on Promoting Effective English Language Learning in Primary Schools