Environmental Protection Department


Hong KongScienceMuseum


Green Power


NationalMuseumofMarineBiology and Aquarium


Electrical and Mechanical Services Department


Hydro Power, The Energy Story


The Water Cycle, BBC


Water cycle diagram, Earthguide


Water, Dialogue for Kids


Water Science for Schools, USGS


Water Supplies Department, the Government of the HKSAR


Water Use It Wisely


WaterSense KIDS, US EPA (with a game)

SCIENCE with me! *


Hong Kong Fire Services Department, the Government of the HKSAR




Photosynthesis, NatureWorks


Exploring the Science of Light, Optical Society ofAmerica*


Optics, Computer animations of physical processes


Optics for Kids, Optical Research Associates


Science, Optics and You, Molecular Expressions*




Science for Kids*


Science News for Kids*


Environmental Noise (Young Version), Environmental Protection Department


Rainbow,Hong KongObservatory




Electricity. Tech Topics*




Physical processes, BBC*




Energy Story


Magnetism and Electricity, FOSSweb


What is an electromagnet?, Jefferson Lab


CLP Group


Hongkong Electric Holdings Limited


My PowerWise Home, CLP Online